If man made global warming is a myth does it really matter?

I am a new guest writer on green issues here at Greencarehome.com, previously I was writing for several blogs, and my last story was titled "If man made global warming is a myth does it really matter?". This was covering issues like Global Dimming, some interesting research related to the Magnetosphere and how this is affecting our environment. In essence even if we were not solely responsible for the current Global Warming and there are other natural events that have contributed to the situation it doesn't matter. We are the only people who can now help ourselves.

We are entering a stage in our life, that not only as megalomaniacs in the past enacted genocide, we as a race of people are going one step further, with every one's enact ion will lead to the total destruction and death of thousands of nature's species for our selves an our children. The way we look at Hitler will the people o the future look at this generation and its leaders. They will think that the single person could not have forced the leaders to do anything by themselves, but they could have tried to mitigate the damage by changing their lifestyle just a little bit!

I do not know about you, but I do not want my children to think of me in a way that I made things worse!!
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Peak Oil?

The recent excellent RTE; documentary, 'Future Shock: End of the Oil Age', which examined all the possible scenarios in the event of a future energy crisis. I think this will serve as a wake up call to all of us and will elevate our thinking about this now scarce resource.

Many in Ireland hold the view that nuclear power is not the answer to our future energy requirements Maybe now is a good time to have a public debate on this thorny and sensitive issue.

I look forward to your comments on this topic.

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